Übernahme Drucklabor Asetronics AG

Die APTOMET AG übernimmt das SCS-Kalibrierlabor SCS0033 von der Firma Asetronics AG.

Reaccreditation as SCS0058

Introduction APTObase.Plus


APTOMET AG celebrates its 10th anniversary together with its customers at its headquarters in Gümligen.

Reaccreditation as SCS0058

Acquisition of the calibration division of the company Galexis AG

Introduction APTObase

Takeover pressure measurement technology

APTOMET AG takes over the area of pressure measurement technology from the company Comat AG. The extension of the accreditation in the field of pressure follows shortly after.


Handover laboratory management

Markus Tschopp takes over the management of the SCS laboratory in Gümligen from his predecessor Fritz Küffer.


Reaccreditation as SCS058

Opening of the branch office in Fehraltorf

Introduction EasyTems

The application for monitoring measuring and test equipment goes online.


Move into the new premises

Move from Bernstrasse in Ostermundigen to the current location on Worbstrasse in Gümligen.


Foundation of APTOMET AG

As a spin-off of Electrosuisse, APTOMET is founded as a stock corporation.
Today's managing director Beat Schär and laboratory manager Markus Tschopp are two of the four founders and shareholders.