Calibration in the laboratory

In our laboratories in Gümligen BE and Fehraltorf ZH, our employees perform calibrations with a high level of competence. All procedures are comprehensibly documented.

A laboratory calibration has the following advantages:

  • Different quality levels possible
  • Very wide range of processes
  • Lead time can be reduced by advance notice
  • Further work such as repairs, adjustments, upgrades, etc. are possible

Calibration on site

APTOMET offers accredited calibrations on site. The calibration and measurement options are documented in the SCS directory (Remarks column). The integration into the accreditation ensures that the requirements of an accredited calibration such as processes, procedures and quality assurance are also guaranteed outside the laboratory. Hereby, the industrial and service companies are supported in their quality assurance with the provision of services.

For our partners, the on-site calibration procedure has the advantage of short downtimes and calculable scheduling. Logistical activities as well as the dismantling of equipment are no longer necessary. This method can lead to significant cost savings for all manufacturing and service companies.

On-site calibration is economically and technically suitable in the following cases:

  •  Non-transportable measuring equipment
  •  Large number of measuring devices of the same type
  •  Requirement of a short downtime of the production equipment

Advantages of on-site calibration:

  •  Low downtime
  •  No equipment transport, no logistics services