Measuring equipment monitoring with APTObase

The company's own measuring equipment monitoring software allows standard-compliant measuring and test equipment monitoring via the internet. is the fourth generation of APTOMET AG's management and logistics system and is available as a web application and mobile app.

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The application is multi-client capable and contains valuable information and the corresponding documents, such as certificates and repair reports in electronic form. These are stored in a sustainable and traceable manner and can be retrieved at any time. In addition, the software enables delivery notes, repair forms and test equipment sheets to be created conveniently and in a time-saving manner.

The measuring equipment in the APTObase is divided into measuring equipment subject to testing and measuring equipment not subject to testing and assigned to a place of use. Each monitored measuring device is assigned a monitoring type (calibration, testing and, where desired, additional validation), a calibration interval and other test equipment-specific data. is available in five service packages so that different requirements can be met and individual customer needs can be addressed. App

With the app, users can securely access the data of their measuring equipment at any time and from anywhere and easily view, print and share calibration certificates, gauge sheets and repair forms. Notifications also display recalls of measuring equipment due for calibration directly in the app.

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The app is equipped with a scanner function. Measuring equipment calibrated by APTOMET AG are provided with a calibration mark with QR code, which leads directly to the data of the respective measuring equipment in the app. The same function allows contactless recording based on RFID transponders, QR and barcodes.

The free app and further information can be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Free read-only and test account

As a customer of APTOMET AG, you can request free read-only access to the platform and thus to the test equipment data and certificates of your company's equipment calibrated by us.
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Test account
Test extensively in your working environment and get to know its comprehensive functions. The existing data sets under the test account can therefore be changed as desired.
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