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The control of measuring equipment in the manufacture of medical devices

We are honoured to have the opportunity to publish a guest article on the topic of control of measuring equipment in the manufacture of medical…

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DRUCK - Presentation of latest products

DRUCK's latest product flyers give you a quick, clear and informative insight into the most important features of the DPI 705E hand-held pressure…

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ADROIT6000 - The next generation pressure sensor

The new ADROIT6000 delivers first-class data with high precision in a small, robust and user-friendly pressure sensor. The high-performance sensor…

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Retirement Luigi Doria

Luigi Doria retired at the end of May. We would like to thank Luigi Doria from the bottom of our hearts for his valuable work and his many years of…

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Website in French and English

As of today, the APTOMET AG website is online in three language versions. The contents of our website are now fully translated into French and…

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Webshop für Druckmesstechnik

Seit dem 15.04.2021 ist der neue Webshop der APTOMET AG online. Im Webshop für Druckmesstechnik können ab sofort Handprüfgeräte, tragbare…

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