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Order for measuring equipment management Swiss Federal Railways SBB

APTOMET AG has been awarded the service contract "Measuring equipment management" by the Swiss Federal Railways SBB. The announcement was published on 20.05.2022 on, the information system on public procurement in Switzerland. We are very pleased to be able to work together with SBB for a further 6 years in order to jointly guarantee high-quality and efficient management of measuring and testing equipment.

The tender for the "measuring equipment management" service published on 10.12.2021 focused on calibration, adjustment and repair, the recording, maintenance and monitoring of the measuring equipment data in a database and the transport of all testing and measuring equipment between the service provider and SBB. With APTOMET's many years of experience as an SCS-accredited calibration laboratory, which offers a wide range of calibrations in the fields of electrical engineering, communication technology, temperature and pressure - in 2021 we were able to carry out almost 7,000 calibrations of 2,160 different types of equipment from 570 manufacturers and for 640 valued customers - and cultivates cooperative partnerships with various laboratories in Switzerland and Europe, our company is up to the demanding task.

Due to the diversity of measuring and testing equipment used by the Passenger Traffic and Infrastructure Divisions, our national and international network of specialised laboratories is essential. As a general contractor, we maintain long-standing and highly valued partnerships with laboratories for optical measurements, quantities such as length, torque and force, as well as with specialists for 3D calibrations. Our expertise in logistics, customs clearance and transport issues also allows us to ship measuring and testing equipment to manufacturers worldwide. Current statistics show that in 2021 we were allowed to transmit 350 orders to international sub-suppliers in 11 different countries.

With our proprietary gauge monitoring software APTObase, in-house expertise in digital transformation and a strong team of developers behind us, we were also able to convince in terms of maintaining and monitoring gauges in a database. With APTObase, we are proud to be able to offer a web application and mobile app for measuring equipment management that is standard-compliant, clear, intuitive to use and individually customisable, and ultimately perceived by our customers as a time-saving and reliable solution for measuring equipment management.

Many thanks to the employees of APTOMET for their exemplary commitment, to our national and international partners for their friendly cooperation and to the Swiss Federal Railways SBB for their trust in our service.