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Leaflet Chauvin Arnoux Measuring Lead

On our website you will find a new leaflet on Chauvin Arnoux test leads: Merkblatt Chauvin Arnoux Messleitung


Leaflet Chauvin Arnoux Measuring Lead
Thank you for your interest and your confidence in our service. We are pleased to carry out your order or that we have already been allowed to carry out your order.
Please note the following information on measuring leads, which will prevent damage, measurement errors and additional work:

Measuring leads
Insulation measurements are carried out with the supplied 2- or 3-pole measuring leads with 3 individual safety measuring leads.

When sending in the measuring instruments, make sure that the individual measuring leads are separated from each other, i.e. that they are not tied together, intertwined or twisted into each other.

Measuring leads that do not meet these requirements can cause measurement distortions due to leakage currents, capacitive currents or surface creepage currents.