Wireless Easy-to-Use Pitot Static Testers

ADTS 500 Series

The ADTS 500 series, the Air Data Test Sets for checking safety-relevant on-board measuring instruments in aircraft, is powerful, highly precise (RVSM compliant) and extremely user-friendly thanks to the wireless touchscreen handheld terminal.

The ADTS 500 series provides you with the latest generation of sophisticated Air Data Test Sets. The Pitot Static Testers for checking altitude and airspeed as well as rate of climb and descent (ROC) are easy to transport due to their small size, and thanks to the robust wireless hand-held terminal you remain flexible in their use at all times.

The full range of the ADTS 500 series is available in a 2-channel, 3-channel or 4-channel configuration. All Air Data Test Sets feature WiFi, Bluetooth and Swipe Screen and are based on DRUCK's latest high precision TERPS sensor technology.

Pitot Static Tester

ADTS 405

The ADTS 405 is the high-performance product in a series of reliable, very precise measuring air data test systems. The robust, compact design is the result of continuous research and development at DRUCK, customer feedback and the experience gained from producing thousands of automatic pressure controllers. This has enabled us to optimise the performance as well as the ease of maintenance and operation of the unit.

The ADTS 405 is a dual-channel, RVSM-compliant Ps and Pt pressure control system for precision calibration/verification of aircraft pitot-static systems. Due to its extended measuring range, it is also suitable for jets in the range up to 1000 kt.